Alex Co Founder Feel Good DessertsWe started Feel Good Inc. to become a part of the Vegan and Health movement and prove Vegan is not just for skinny Models but for health oriented people . Would you eat an Organic Vegan Macaron that’s never hurt a soul like ours or the other kind ? Would you feel good having 1200 calories of regular cheesecake or 450 of healthy Superfoods based Vegan Mouse Cake ? The choice is yours. After working in a medical field for seven years as a surgical assistant and seeing many health issues in patients that could be fixed with proper nutrition and vegan-based diet we decided to look for a way to change our lives and those around us. We eat well and feel well living this way. From the very first days of switching to the Vegan Organic diet we felt an increase in energy level, happiness and a lower level of stress ! We wanted to share our experiences with other people through our products. Many studies are showing that Organic Vegan diets low in gluten and low in Processed Sugar along with proper Nutrition and exercise may lead to healthier life with less disease. Why organic? We took a lot of our knowledge from the books like The China Study and Superfoods by David Wolfe . From films such as “Forks Over Knives” and “Food Matters”.

Alex Galyuk Co Founder