Feel Good Desserts Vegan Macarons

Over the weekend, I discovered vegan macarons! I really cannot contain my excitement about this. You see, I never had a macaron before going vegan. So it’s not that seeing them everywhere for the past couple of years has been making me miss them. But it has been making me curious about them. What the texture is like, what they taste like, why are there so many flavors? I wanted to know. But… Not being able to find vegan macarons meant that my questions would go unanswered. This weekend I stopped into Republic of V, a newly opened all vegan grocery store in Berkeley, and they had vegan macarons from Feel Good Desserts!

Of course, I immediately added a package to my basket. They had two samplers, each with four macarons. One was fruity flavors and another chocolate flavors. I’m honestly not sure which would be more traditional, but I went with the chocolate set. It contained one chocolate, one hazelnut, one vanilla, and one coffee macaron. The outside was firm, but the inside was so soft! Each flavor stood out but none were overpowering. These were a really delicious and delicate treat! It was fun to have such a novelty item and I am glad that they are available online as well (though in larger quantities).

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