On This Page you will see just some of the products our Bakery makes, find information about Special Occasion orders and Wholesale Products.

Enjoy our Menu. Our wholesale products are availible in the Bakery and can also be found in Health Food Stores. Check our store locator for more details.

Delicate French macarons are not to be confused with American macarOOns. A macaron is a specialty pastry comprised of a crunchy, yet delicate outer shell with a soft almond meringue inside. Each macaron is filled with a decadent cream or a delicious chocolate ganache. American macaroons can be prepared in 10 minutes, but it actually takes five hours to make French macarons!

These elegant sandwich cookies are beloved by the French, especially in Paris. The bite-sized treats have become trendy there. They popup at brunches, bridal showers, and wedding dessert tables. And they make a delightful morning treat with a cup of tea. The ingredients we use include almond flour, organic unrefined cane sugar, vanilla, organic coconut spread, tapioca starch, and organic maple syrup.

The natural colors and flavors are always organic and based on fruit, vegetables, or edible flowers. The cookies come in raspberry, blueberry, banana, green tea, chocolate, coffee, hazelnut, and vanilla flavors. The French have perfected a quality of life that allows them the luxury of slowing down long enough to do things right. They know the art of perfecting a craft and using high quality ingredients. We’ve done our best to capture that French spirit in our delicacies so we can share it with everyone and offer little luxuries that make people smile.

We also specialize in Raw food.  In Southern California you can find our animal cruelty-free goods at Lassens, Mothers Markets, Follow Your Heart, Viva La Vegan, Erewhon, Full O Life, PC Greens Malibu, Rainbow Acres, and other stores. Once we launch nationwide others, including you, will be able to find our treats at your local health food store!





Are you looking for Birthday Cake or Wedding Cake but you're Vegan Gluten Free or you just want a healthier choice?

Is it hard for you to find a Bakery to serve your needs? Well look no more.

We are proud to announce Wedding & Birthday Cakes in Fondant or Buttercream Made to order.

Ask us about our Custom Birthday & Wedding Cupcakes as well.

Stop by the Bakery to reserve your next Delicious and Personal Cake!

Please give us at least a week notice for cakes. 











All orders for special events such as Wedding and Special Occasion Cakes & Cupcakes need to be made in person at the Bakery (open Tuesday-Wednesday and Friday-Saturday 10am-6pm) at least one week before the Pick-up date:   

2355 Tapo ST #12 Simi Valley CA 93063


 Vegan & Gluten Free Cakes


Single Tier

 Note: A serving of cake is usually measured as 1 inch to 2 inch piece of cake.


Round Cakes 


Cake Size                                                     Basic Price


6 Inch Round  (8 servings)                 $32.99


8 Inch Round (12 servings)                 $42.99


10 Inch Round (24 servings)               $54.99


12 Inch Round (36 servings)               $62.99


Sheet Cakes


Cake Size                                            Basic Price


1/4 Sheet (9 x 13) 20-24 servings      $49.99


1/2 Sheet (12 x 18) 40-46 servings    $68.99


Your choice of flavor for batter, filling, and icing is included in the base price for each size cake.


Here are a few of our options, but you can always call the store to ask about others:


Standard Cake Batters: Vanilla, Chocolate, Red Velvet, Carrot


Fillings: Cream Cheese, Coconut Butter Cream, Chocolate Ganache, Lemon, Coffee


Fillings ($5 extra): fresh Strawberries, fresh Raspberries 


Cupcakes can be made for special order in any style and paired with any celebration Cake. They are also always in stock at the bakery.


Cupcake Special: 12 cupcakes for $39.99


French Macarons Special: 12 macarons for $19.99


Wedding and Special Occasion Cakes & Cupcakes


Dairy Free Vegan & Gluten Free Cake By the Slice


Buttercream Cakes: $5.75/slice

Fondant Cakes: $6.75/slice

Raw Cakes: $6.75 or higher depending on request

Price will vary depending on level of detail and flavor combinations. Please contact the bakery for a quote.



A 50% deposit is due upon placing your order. The remaining 50%  are due 2 weeks before the event.



Tastings are $25 to sample three our most popular flavor combinations. Special flavor combinations are available upon request for an additional fee. The tasting fee will be applied to your order of $150 or more.


Placing an Order

Contact our bakery during normal business hours (Mon-Fri) to speak with a wedding cake decorator regarding the details of your order.

Complete and sign our wedding cake contract outlining the details of your order and pay for the 50% cake deposit.


Suggested Cake Combinations


6” & 8” (serves 23) 

6“ & 9” (serves 30)

8“ & 10” (serves 45)

6”, 8“ & 10” (serves 53)

6“, 9” & 12“ (serves 75)

6”, 8“, 10” & 12“ (serves 98) 

6”, 9“, 12” & 14“ (serves 140)



This page shows all the products that are currently availble for wholesale.

Please visit our " Become a Retailer " Page located at the bottom of the Website to find information on becoming a Retailer.


4 piece Chocolate Macaron Set

4 piece Fruity Macaron Set

Almond Raw Joy

Superfood Goji Brownie

Raw Lemon Mousse Cake

Raw Chocolate Mousse Cake

Raw Green Tea Mousse Cake

Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich

Chocolate Ganache Cake


Raw Superfood Goji Brownie

Raw Superfood Chocolate Mousse Cake

Raw Superfood Lemon Mousse Cake