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Helping you learn how to bake guilt free treats, by creating and testing recipes that are dairy, gluten and refined sugar free.

Feel Good Recipes Without Sacrificing Your Health

When was the last time you had a sweet treat and didn’t feel tired, have an upset stomach or a headache?

It’s time to learn how to bake treats that not only taste good, but allow you to still feel good and continue to enjoy your day!

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The Collection

This blog was created to collect all my favourite recipes that were easy and affordable to make. Sugar free doesn’t have to mean treat free! 

Health is a Priority

We believe that our health shouldn’t be sacrificed in order to enjoy treats. With that being said all treats should still be considered a treat. 

Peer Reviewed

All recipes are tested and reviewed by multiple individuals before they are approved to be shared on this blog. We do the taste testing, so you don’t have to!

Featured Recipes

Catching Kylie

Dessert Collection

It’s time to treat yourself!



Hi, I’m Kylie! 

Health Enthusiast, Baker, Mom and Adventure Seeker. 

I believe in living life a little differently and one of the ways I do that is by eating dairy, sugar and gluten free. After struggling with my weight and uncontrollable emotions for years, I finally took matters into my own hands and I’m thankful I did. 


Don’t skip by too fast! 
Whether you’re a long time baker looking for some advice on how to accomodate different diets in your family or a fellow health nut who loves to bake and wants to know how without hurting their body – I got you covered!

Enjoy the recipe PLUS learn all the tips and tricks through a step by step video! 

Banana Cream Pie

Simple Cookie

The Blog

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