The BEST Healthy Baking Tools You Need

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I LOVE to bake and I 100% believe in simplicity and not having a CRAZY amount of tools around. There are many ways that you can make baking not a crazy expensive endeavour (well minus some ingredients), but you really don’t need to have it all to make delicious treats! Below you’ll find a collection of some of my favourite tools and why I recommend them. 


Alright this is my favourite of them all, so it gets to be shared first! 

I’ve had this mixer for more than half my life and the story of how I got it is one of the best. 

I was 12 years old and I began to really dive into baking and our little hand mixer kept breaking on me, so finally I told my Mom that I want a Kitchen Aid mixer for Christmas. 

Her response, ” Those are wedding gifts.”

My response, ” Well in Barkerville you can get married at the age 12, I am sure one of my friends would support me so I could get a mixer!”

Barkerville is an old 1800’s gold rush town – super cute if you’ve never heard of it, but yes my plan was to go and get married so that I could do more baking. 

Well long story short, I found a Kitchen Aid mixer under the tree and I still use it to this day. 

You may think this is one MAJOR investment and yes it is! However, when you think about the fact that mine is over a decade old and still works – it’s one of the BEST purchases you can make.

My favourite: 

Up next is another one of my MUST HAVE tools in your kitchen and that is the Vitamix.


You can use this tool for:

  • Ice Cream
  • Soups
  • Smoothies
  • Anything you can really think of! 

It is one of the most powerful blenders you can buy on the market and again most last minimum a decade if you take good care of it. 


When you’re ready for this investment – click the link below!

My last big investment, minus stocking up your pantry, would be to have a food processor.


For over 5 years now I have used this specific food processor, which I bought in a kit with the blender. However, the blender didn’t last as long with how many smoothies I make – hence the Vitamix upgrade! 

There are two ways you can get a Ninja food processor – select the option below that’s best for you.


Quality Baking Sheets

Alright I have to be 100% honest with you here, it’s taken me years to finally begin using quality baking sheets that are ONLY used for baking! However, I am so happy that I do now. No more popping baking sheets and cookies sliding together. This is your sign to purchase some for yourself!

Mixing Bowls

For YEARS I used metal mixing bowls and since switching to glass I doubt I will ever go back! I love having the ability to heat them as well as to see what I am baking. 

Kylie Proof Spatulas

I say Kylie proof because the number of spatulas and whisks I have broken is a little terrifying! 

I only use silicone spatulas now that don’t have a specific handle, because the handles break off.

Below you will find a great set to have on hand. 

Silicone Baking Trays

I can’t remember the last time I made muffins or a cake and had troubles getting it out of the pan! Silicone trays are the trick and something I personally prefer using. 

Silicone Baking Mat

I know this image doesn’t actually show you what I mean, but you need a quality silicone baking mat instead of constantly going through parchment paper. 


Flour Alternatives

If you’re wanting to bake with healthier alternatives you need to ensure that you have the options available to you when you need them! Here are some of my favourites to stock up on:


Sugar Alternatives

Alright same as with your flours, if you don’t have the right sugars on hand you may be more tempted to use refined sugars. Below are the ones I personally use the most:



Want to learn more about what sugars you should use?

Read this blog post for some great insight!

Others to have on hand

These are some of the things you don’t think about, but are going to need!


If you made it this far, thank you for taking the time to read and take a look at all of my favourite products and pantry must haves! 

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